Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Best wishes to all Canadians for a plump and juicy, crispy-skinned golden brown turkey, along with some sumptuous stuffing, plus wee kettles or cans of crimson cranberry sauce or the jelly (freshly bubbled lovingly from your stovetop or slid with a sloosh from the can the quick way), not forgetting generous amounts of tantalizing turkey gravy, and marvelous mounds of creamy mashed potatoes, with sweet and savory sweet potatoes too, not to mention soft and flakey buttered biscuits or Grandma’s recipe for dinner rolls, and then corn and peas as you please, as well as varied favorite soups or salads if you like, and then oh then, please oh please, don’t forget the Yorkshire Pudding (if there’s any English in you), unless you are putting on the little muffin style Yorkies instead.

And, pumpkin pie with a mountain of whipped cream for dessert, of course.


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