Happy Halloween!

What do I like about Halloween? I can’t say that I’ve ever swayed the gruesome gory way, but a day for dressing up has always seemed a fun idea. Be anything you want for a day, wear more makeup or jewelry, don a crazy outfit, or just dress down or up as downright silly as you can imagine.

Unlike some, Halloween has never been my own favorite holiday, but there are certainly fun aspects to it. I never liked the Haunted House peeled grape eyes, the spaghetti brains or any of the other scary yucky stuff. That’s just me, but, I do love seeing little princesses, superheroes, and other cherubs and duffers as they parade around the neighborhood in search of candy. The best just might be the littlest ones all dressed up in a well-thought out, custom-designed and home-sewn outfit. Though I do think my favorite thing might be the wee cute and pudgy hand-painted faces.

Anyhow, it’s always fun to see little ones having fun, and if we have to hand out candy to share in the joy of tiny ones, so much the better! I only wish my grandkiddies were here to ‘trick or treat’ this year…


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