Happy Michaelmas!

Thanks to Jane Austen and her wonderful world and works of writing, I was introduced to Michaelmas quite a number of years ago. And what a blessing that seemed to be to me. Miss Austen often mentions that holiday in her stories and some of her characters and their events seem to revolve around the early fall holiday. Since I love the holiday season so much, I’ll seize any excuse to prolong it. Yes, that’s right, my Christmas Season officially starts on September twenty-ninth. Uh huh, sometimes even the Christmas tree is up by then! Sounds crazy to many, but ‘tis fun for some.

Well yes, I know that some people hate to see or hear anything related to Christmas before Halloween (and maybe even before Thanksgiving), but I just love to start playing favorite Christmas music as early as I can rationalize it. I confess, I’ve been known to sing and play Christmas carols sometimes the year through, even in the summertime. If I’m in the mood, why not? And Christmas music just puts me in a good mood anyway. I suppose I am eccentric to a degree. Yes, a holiday eccentric!

There is also the fact that I’m a good deal Scottish and English, and so I can revel in Michaelmas all the more. At least I figure as much. The history of Michaelmas is quite interesting. I’m glad it survived, at least in Jane Austen stories, and I would like to see it come back fully: at least to the Christian world. Why not? Who doesn’t want to enjoy a triumphant feast as if with Angel Michael and all the angels? Another excuse for a delicious harvest style meal with all the trimmings sounds good to me! And a reminder of Heaven and angels is never a bad thing, as far as I can see. Couldn’t you agree?


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