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Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Movie Soundtrack (2005)

February 14, 2011

In short, this is my new favorite CD to listen to while painting, driving, writing and working on any thing at all. I am writing my next novel as I listen to this work. The music puts me in a good mood to be sure. I oft cannot help but recall scenes from the movie while I listen to this soundtrack and so I can relive the movie even when I am too busy to get a warm cup of something wonderful and put my feet up to watch it for a couple of hours. I adored the movie, even though it differed from my expectations: better in some ways, a little lacking in others (though it gets better and better with every viewing) and it has not replaced but only added to my other 5 hour BBC P&P movie miniseries. More Jane Austen is always good. The only thing lacking in this soundtrack are one or two missing songs that I loved from the movie. But then again, and after all, I cannot truly complain, for there is so much ear candy in this modern work of classic genius. This is truly a must have.

(originally written a while back, but still a top fave CD)

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