Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Movie (2005) Review

As a firm fan of the 5 hour BBC 1995 P&P miniseries, I went to this movie version with some skepticism, but found that it was much better than I expected even while it seemed to lack somewhat for me in some respects. THE P&P is hard to live up to! All in all though, I enjoyed this movie version immensely and went back to see it again right away. In and of itself, it is a delightful version of the story and even compared, it stands up on its own as another interpretation and look at the characters and events of this prima Austen work. The more I watch this movie (as a pick me up at home alone or with family or friends, with my feet up and a favorite something to nibble or sip on), the more I adore it. Let’s face it; we can get our P&P fix faster/easier: in 2 hours instead of 5! (I still MUST watch the 5 hour version regularly as well.) This film version has a grittier, lowlier feel (perhaps a more realistic one) at the Bennet’s and beyond, plus a more opulent contrast at Pemberly and related. One key detail that impressed me greatly was how I did not like Darcy nor see any attraction to the man at the beginning (how could HE be Darcy?!), but over time, he became more and more sympathetic (even appearing a pathetic figure at times: pitifully sunk in unrequited love – which pulled fully at my feelings to cheer him on in Elizabeth’s direction) and attractive as the character – and this was as it should be. The performance of this actor made me want to see more of his work (and I have since seen him do extremely well in another role as a spoiled drunken dandy in `The Way We Live Now’.) The world needs more of this type of `old fashioned’ movie.


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