Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ little paperback Review

Perhaps the mother of all romances, this classic crème de la crème Jane Austen story stands as a model that many modern romances seem formulated upon. Not a pure romance however, Austen offers so much more to her readers in P&P: realistic relationships, interesting characters, comical situations and compelling subplots force readers to think in many directions and entertain far and beyond boy loves girl. This particular copy of P&P would make a perfect little gift for anyone just introduced to the story or Austen through this latest movie version (or as a companion to the movie) and is a wonderful beginning to immersing oneself in the English language of 200 years ago. To be certain, this sort of old classic literature may be a challenge to peruse at first, but rest assured that it becomes easier to assimilate the more you read it.


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