Novel the Eighth Cover

The Musician, cover

This lovely cover which was recently wonderfully done by my daughter Brina hints of another romantically-inclined vintage-style novel. But does it hint of a mystery? Just a little bit mystery in the midst of some romance, I will admit. The inspiration behind this story of a mysterious musician was one song. It was a favorite melody of mine for quite a while. I found myself listening to it over and over again, and I would stop what I was doing to just absorb it. I guess I could safely say that the song would take me away, to another time and place, even as it evoked multiple feelings: some blissfully romantic, some a little melancholy. I can’t exactly remember when I reached a conscious decision to write a story inspired by that music, but this story did begin to unfold in my mind as I listened to the song again and again. The story and characters came easily to me, and I listened to that song a good deal as I wrote ‘The Musician’. What song do I speak of? Well, that may remain a mystery to more than many…


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  1. Joanna Yeoh says:

    I was thinking of a piece of music as I read this entry. I have posted the link to it in my comments on your latest entry Regency Ramblings and Regrets.

    1. Thank you! Isn’t it amazing how music can speak to us?

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