Zebra Foal Ink Sketch

Horses are and have always been my favorite animal. Zebras fit right in as a favorite for me because of their close relationship to horses. I find zebras fascinating in many ways, but mostly their similarity to horses. The black and white stripes of the zebra are especially attracting to me since I’ve always appreciated black and white photography and ink artwork. I did this ink sketch over a couple of decades ago when I did many ink sketches, especially of wildlife.


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  1. Patti beasley says:

    I came across you zebra foal in ink and fell in love. I’m taking an art class and I was looking at examples of other drawings in ink. I’m a quilter and would like to use you zebra as a starting point for my entry into our local quilt show this fall. I have been encourage to enter national and international shows. I’m asking permission to use your drawing. Please let me know. You will be given credit for your drawing in my entry submissions and public descriptions.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind compliment. Being a quilter myself (more in the past than at present), that sounds fine and like an interesting idea. All the best showing your quilt in those shows. Thank you for giving me credit for my sketch as your inspiration. I adore horses and zebras in more ways than one, and think they make wonderful art subjects. Zebras especially intrigue me because of their black and white stripes – very striking, and yet camouflage!

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