Monkey Ink Sketch

This monkey amuses me. Many monkeys amuse me. Some seem cute, and some, not quite so cute. I think the squirrel monkey is one of the cutest. The proboscis monkey is possibly one of the monkeys that I could not call cute at all. When a youngster, I once briefly knew and loved a monkey. He was a cute little pet of the family of a ranch-hand who worked for my grandfather. They kept him in a large cage most of the time, but one day, he got free and escaped out onto the farm/ranch. The poor little monkey was never seen again. I liked to imagine that he was living free in those wilds and that he was happy in the life that he had finally chosen. I feared that he had come to some harm (else why would he not have come home to his family?), but I tried hard to imagine him happily ever after nevertheless.


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  1. Paul Bongiorno says:

    Hello Ms. Williams.

    I love your picture of this monkey!

    I hope you can assist me.

    I recently purchased a business name and have ‘monkey’ in the name.

    Is there any way possible to use this fun image as the business logo?

    Any information provided is much appreciated.

    Have a pleasant day.


    Paul Bongiorno

    1. Thanks for your compliment. I’ll have to talk to my business manager about that and get back to you as soon as I can.

  2. Paul Bongiorno says:


    I’d meant Ms. WilliamsON..!

    I’m sorry about that.


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