Colorful Women Painting

This pan of ladies of various shapes in a rainbow of colors speaks to the ideal harmony between women that I believe could exist, no matter their differences, because we are more alike than different.

(Acrylic on Canvas)

In addition:

Since I have been asked regarding this ‘Colorful Women’ painting again recently, I began thinking relative to how it came about and thought I would include a little back-story here. Its inception was the result of a spontaneous combined effort of my daughters and I. As far as we can each recall, one day at the kitchen table, there was a piece of paper with a curving line in the middle – but none of us remember who drew that first line (maybe it was even the grandsons here visiting and doodling at the table with us – that seems quite familiar!). My right-handed daughter said she saw the figure of a woman on the right side of the line, and so she drew what she imagined; but then my left-handed daughter said that she had seen a figure of a women on the left side of the line, and so she drew what she imagined. The two redheads in turquoise and green in the middle represent those two original women figures. I thought the sudden ‘birth’ of two women (on either side of one line) was quite wonderful and then I instantly imagined numerous women, side by side, line upon curvaceous line, a rainbow of color, growing out from those two original women. I instantly proposed that we design at least seven women of various skin tones and hair colors, in a way representing women around the world, from differing countries and cultures, because I felt that the entire idea begged to be painted. I wanted to paint the concept in that moment. And so, with the creative help of my daughters, I did. I wanted to keep it simple, in a color blocking way, and I wanted to paint it with the brightest rainbow of colors that I had handy. It didn’t end up near all I envisioned, but the painting gives the idea that sparked in my head at that time.


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  2. kkarunita says:

    Wow,this one is awesome.

    1. Thanks for your kind compliment!

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