Arches Painting

This is a little bit of a close-up look at a quick sketch of the Arches in Utah that I painted in acrylic on a pretty large canvas a number of years ago. I was in a turquoise and peachy mood when I did it. It currently hangs high in our entryway, to be seen from inside the front door by any who cross the threshold into our creative family sanctuary. The bright colors hint of our house of many colors beyond, though it is more a house of blues than anything else. There are a few rooms that are not some shade of blue, but not many. A few greens, some new peaches and an old plum.

I’m still in my ‘brilliant colorist’ phase when it comes to canvas. I like to pump up the color on everything I do lately to go a little beyond realism into more of an over-saturated dream-world. One trouble is, I cannot find paint that is bright and intense enough for what I see in my head. There is a world of color there in my brain that does not quite entirely exist out there in the world, at least in the artists’ available palette I have found as yet.

Acrylic on Canvas


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