Red Monolith Painting

It was a little photograph in a travel ad relative to southern Utah, I think it was, that inspired me to do this playing with color experiment a few years ago. Of course, I pumped up the color as compared to nature. I did an original, my oldest son wanted it, so I did another that I liked better to give him. This ‘brilliant colorist’ style acrylic painting on canvas is fairly large by some people’s standards, but one of my smaller ones these days (my smallest being about 24 by 30 inches and my larger paintings as big as I can find canvases for purchase – I used to make my own, but I’m too tired to do all that kind of work these days – I’d rather spend my time painting, writing and doing other easy creative things). I’ve recently started another version of this in a neo-Van Gogh inspiration on a big canvas.


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