My Jane Austen Hero?

Valentine’s Day has got me thinking romantic thoughts about my man again. And asking, ‘which Jane Austen hero is he’? As I’ve done before.

Sometimes I’ve thought he was a Darcy, other times, a Bingley, or a Knightly and even a Tilney. Occasionally, I’ve wondered how much an Edward or Edmund he is. I suppose, over the years (and decades!), my man’s many facets and moods have made him seem an Austen hero chameleon. I can fit him into most any Austen hero slot on any given day or hour.

No matter, he’s my hero. My very own.

And he doesn’t have to fit into any fictional slot, no matter how profound or Austen-like. As long as he fits with me, that’s what counts. As with many couples, we two work to fit together. Constantly. Ah, communication and compromise, SO romantic.

Come to think of it, as I actually have pondered many times before, I’ve never fully fitted any of Jane Austen’s heroine slots either. I’m a little bit of a number of them, at different times in my life. And then there are my own moods, of course.

Whether you have your romantic hero in hand, or not, worry not about having or finding a Darcy, a Brandon, a Knightly, or any other Austen hero creation. Don’t fuss which heroine you are either. It all matters not, save understanding human personality traits and characteristics, and how to mesh it all together nicely. Wisely. Lovingly.

Though Jane Austen’s heroes and heroines can be very realistic, for she was decidedly and even expertly a connoisseur of human follies and all, this is reality. And truth is stranger than fiction. More complicated and less understandable as well. Who’s life perfectly fits any romance novel, however classic and crème de la crème?

But yes, it is fun to compare your life to Austen stories and characters. Jane is romantically tops.


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