Reasons I Love this Season

The Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas are filled with more than a few of my favorite things.

Twinkling lights and trees, the music and movies. Sparkling snow and shining stars. Dears and deer, ribbons and bows, wrapping and wreaths.

Warm woolen scarves, sweaters, slippers and mittens. Leather and furry collars, cuffs, muffs and moccasins.

The food and festivities, family and friends, giving and smiling, hugging and loving, and spreading cheer.

A perfect baby boy, His loving virgin mother and protective adoptive father. Humble shepherds and wise men bearing gifts and honoring Him. A lowly manger in a stable with the star on high.

Now, for those who don’t believe in Christ, there is still much to celebrate and enjoy, so why not? For goodness sake, the world around us needs more caring, joy, charity and love. Won’t you agree?

Here’s wishing you all your favorite things this season of peace and goodwill.


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