The Forgotten Dad

Last night I was talking to my youngest daughter about my thoughts regarding creatively artistic mothers sadly having to put their talents on hold while they do their noble work raising their children, and she rightly reminded me that many creative or artistic fathers are having to do the same. My oldest and highly talented son is one case in point. He has put his creative dreams on the shelf for the most part while he works to provide for his family. His job is not his artistic passion. He saves those ambitions for time off, which very rarely happens. Even hobby time can be a rare commodity for either parent of a young and growing family.

Whether it is a Mom or a Dad, working outside or inside the home, for money or love; putting one’s top talents on ice indefinitely for the greater good of the family is still highly honorable and downright difficult all at once. Most dedicated parents do it to one degree or another. Few of us can make enough money to float the family while furthering our most treasured talents. The common father and mother sacrifice a great deal of self to nurture, protect and serve their beloved babes. The lucky few parents who have turned their talents into a generous enough income are the exception to the rule and have struck the ideal gold.

So, today, I salute the common and forgotten unsung Dad, who puts his talents, passions or fulfilling hobbies aside in order to provide well for his family. The mundane chore or job sometimes rule over near all of us, but more than oftentimes, toil we must to do our duty. There is nothing nobler than to lay down or to dedicate one’s life for an innocent. And some day, when our dear young have their own young, they will fully realize and appreciate what we have given to and given up for them.


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