Once Upon Another Grandmothering Summertime

My glorious grandsons were here for their summer holiday again and the fun was over before I knew it. I turned around, and then they were gone. Sniff, sniff, wipe a few tears, and miss them until they return to visit once more. Of course, being that I’m no spring chicken, it was no holiday or true vacation for me. I likely need some sunny recovery time sipping cold lemonade by a cool pool. Better yet, somebody fly me away to lay by the ocean waves gazing at a tropical blazing sunset!

Still, this past summer like those before it, was a picnic in the grass, with crawling ants, lively dogs, meandering cats, fluttering birds, sticky peanut butter sandwiches, crunchy apples, melting ice cream, soft chocolate, giggly jello and the rest of the works you might expect. There were even water works. Yes, a few tears, but mostly laughter and some water fights that I even got in on. I can’t do the athletic young mothering things I used to for my kids, cousins and their friends anymore, but I can serve up treats every few hours for certain. And I can wipe tears and give kisses, cuddles and hugs like nobody’s business.

Helping with summertime homework seems suddenly expected nowadays, but I failed miserably at getting it all done. I planned to help them finish all their homework, but then life happened instead. When on earth did teachers start giving young children homework at all, let alone for over their summer vacation? Summertime is summer-home-school now? Maybe I’m getting really old, but I don’t want to get with those times! I’m not giddy with that program. I guess I’m a tired old lady but I want to play and make fun memories with my grandkids as much as I can when they are here with me for their summer holidays! Listen, I home-schooled my kids, and I love reading to and being read to by my grandkids, but the big bundles of homework were a bit beyond me. I felt like I was home-schooling again. Heck, I almost felt like I was back in public school again! Perchance I’m just too tired for all that now?

Where oh where is the energy I had when I was young. Oh, right, I forgot: I bequeathed it to my children and grandchildren and they have long-since inherited it from me. I’ve officially run out of steam, years ago. Give me a rocking chair, baby. I’ve more than earned it!


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  1. wryson says:

    I don’t think the boys are worse for wear if they missed out on some summertime homework. They got back into the swing of things just fine. Your #1 grandson is devouring Lord of the Rings right now (my old copy, unabridged, obviously), and I’m pretty sure that’s not on the grade three reading list. 🙂

    To be honest, I think they get too much homework, too. They’re kids, by Zeus! Let them play.

    1. My only grandmothering regrets are that I don’t have the energy, strength and speed I had as a young mother, and my grandkiddies don’t live far nearer. Glad they got back into schooling just fine, despite my laxity regarding their homework. Until holiday time was threatening ticking down, I didn’t even know about all their sheets and sheets of tasks (hiding in their backpacks until my tired but tidy gene finally found them out) and I just couldn’t bring myself to put their wee little cute noses to the homework grindstone too much each day. I suppose my merry memories of running wild and riding bareback in my growing-up summers makes it all that much harder for me to make kids work in their summertimes. Wow, my #1 grandson takes after my #1 son – reading way above his grade level. Yes, let them play. They’ve gotta have some playtime. There’s a world of learning in play. Isn’t creativity born out of playing? They pursue what intrigues them, if given half the chance.
      Now, go check your email for some hugs!

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