Happy Boxing Day!

According to Canada, Britain and other Commonwealth countries I’m familiar with, I guess I’m supposed to box up everything Christmas today, but I refuse. I choose to relax. And I want to enjoy the tree, the lights, the stockings, the candles, the foods and drinks, the music, a few more movies and all things yuletide a little longer. I don’t even feel like fully cleaning up all the remaining wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes and so forth. I need another day off, for Heaven’s sake! Don’t I? I think that I do. But maybe I’ll just box up the wrapping stuff and call that effort my ‘Boxing Day’ offering.

Besides, I’ve recognized Orthodox Christmas on January seventh since growing up. I’ve known many Ukrainians (including some cousins) since childhood, and became friends with Romanians, Russians and other Slavic descendents along the way since. I love the idea of stretching my Christmas season through theirs. And so, to me, Christmas isn’t over until after January seventh! Who doesn’t want a second Christmas?! I certainly do! And so, it’s back to some Christmas music, movies, family, friends, and treats… and the short wait until New Years, plus the longer wait until Eastern Orthodox Christmas Day, because, to me, British Boxing Day has become another lovely day in the Christmas season.

Happy Boxing Day to All Common to the United Kingdom of Brittany!


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