Paint and Piano


From the back of the book:

After hearing silly rumors about her daughters becoming spinsters, Mrs. Hudson determines to host parties wherein every eligible bachelor in the territory is invited to consider her beautiful Cadence and Florence, who are as differing in temperaments as they are identical in appearance. Always measured, living as exactingly as she plays piano, with practiced precision and thoughtful thoroughness, Cadence must realize a way to release her heart enough to accept the love that is destined to be hers. Throwing herself into life in the passionate way she paints, Florence must learn to temper her heart with a little judicial prudence in order to enable herself to recognize her truest love. Uncooperative Cadence turns away a worthy suitor while Florence follows her heart into injury. Mrs. Hudson is all frustration! The twins finally discover that happiness in love may not always be found by following either their hearts or heads independently, but by learning how to listen to both in balance.

Story Inspiration:

Paint and Piano was inspired by Jane Austen’s Elinor and Marianne in Sense and Sensibility, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, my sister and I, and our painting and piano playing (not to mention our romantic youthful aspirations), my own daughters, a couple of beautiful identical twin girls I knew once upon a time, and my wish to mother my own identical twin girls.

Essentially, this novel was conceived when I asked myself this question: what if Elinor was the pianist and Marianne the artist, rather than the other way round? As an artist and pianist myself, I thought the logical side of my brain more suited to the rigors and precision of piano whilst the artistic side expressed the passion and boldness. Still, I could argue this either way. Jane Austen did it right enough: I simply wanted to try this idea turned around.

Paint and Piano was born of those mind meanderings, and was written, mostly on sleepless nights during a bad stretch of insomnia. My muse simply accompanied me, or perhaps kept me awake with her humorous ideas. I was at least entertained.

“Paint and Piano” is available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon:


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