Seeing Seattle Again

In a recent trip back out to Seattle area, I felt the formidable homesick pull once more. It’s always exciting to head towards the Emerald City territory again, and it’s always very hard for me to leave it. My heart has been a good deal in the Seattle East Side since long before I met it. For decades. Seattle was my fantasy and then it became real. Being rain lovers, Hubby and I spent years trying to move to Seattle. During our two year transition stay for some schooling in Vancouver Canada, we almost forgot our Seattle dream because we loved where we were so very much. Still, instead of almost stopping to live forevermore there, we did continue on to live our dream of Seattle. Seattle area has it all. Mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests, and the ocean. About the only thing it is missing is the prairie and some sunshine.

Since we eventually had to leave true-green salmon-rich Pacific-ocean-sided Seattle behind us, we’ve spent more than a decade lamenting its loss to us. I so fully miss the Rhododendrons, Cedar trees, other evergreens, ivy, ferns, other wonder undergrowth and the aroma of coffee absolutely everywhere. Oh, and then there is Nordstrom, Seattle and Bellevue. Need I say more? The ladies know what I’m talking about if you’ve been there. I don’t miss the gigantic slugs, teensy fleas, mold, mildew nor the rust. I think I’m neutral on the moss. It was oft a beautiful bright green, to be sure, but it grew in places I certainly didn’t want it. If you stood still too long outdoors, moss grew on you.

Even still, the grass is always greener on the Seattle side of the western fence. The trees are far taller and greener and a great deal more plentiful. Trees  grow like weeds in and around Seattle. The sky seems bluer when you see it because you see it so seldom for the clouds, overcast, drizzle and rain. Water, water everywhere, and plenty to drink in too. Waterfalls are gloriously galore, especially my beloved Snoqualmie. I dearly miss the Snoqualmie Falls. Hubby kept taking me to other waterfalls, but none ever quite competed for me. I always made him take me back to Snoqualmie. No, it isn’t the Niagara  Falls, and maybe it isn’t any grander than many falls Hubby and I took pics of on our honeymoon throughout Banff and Jasper in Alberta Canada, but there is simply something truly memorable about the Snoqualmie Falls for me. They call to me from afar. Seattle’s East Side can be right proud of Snoqualmie Falls.

For the most part, Seattle people are pretty easy-breezy easy-going about dress and appearances. You can ‘go grunge’ at the best places. Frumpy attire? No  problem. A chubby old waste-line? Who cares. A big beard? Fine and dandy. Frizzy hair or your ‘baddest’ hair day? Dandy fine. Got roots or going grey? Good for you. And may I tell you, the food is fine, whether you are fine dining or not. Yes, good food is plentiful in Seattle. Fine world-wide ethnic fare to be had whenever you are hungry for it. One fine highlight of our trip this time was the Tillicum Village Salmon Bake on Blake Island. The salmon and accompanying food was good gourmet terrific and the Northwest Native American show was quite fascinating. I quite loved it. The little ferry ride there and back wasn’t even unpleasant as I feared. It was fun.

And now to what will seem an aside, but it is the key point of my thoughts today. I still have beloved family in Seattle East Side and they are the tippy top main reason I remain homesick for Seattle area and keep wanting to go back for good. We went back to Seattle for a wonderful wedding. It was at least well worth the thirty hour drive back and forth. The sweetly beautiful bride’s gorgeous gown, hair and veil were silky flowing and the grandly handsome groom’s attire was vintage inspiring. The Rolls Royce perfectly fit their perfect occasion, not to mention the perfect pair of a couple. Bravo to Bride and Groom. The catered food was magnificent. Everything else was elegantly charming. But far beyond all the wonderful wonder and family fun in this music-filled mix, the sweet ceremony and endearing exchanging of vows were all the more beautiful than everything else attending. Hearts filled. Throats stopped. Tears fell. Was there a dry eye in the eclectic venue? I think not. Mere words (or my limited power over them) cannot express the ultimate joy I experienced during the sublime ceremony and shared vows at this wedding. I’ve never ever witnessed any better or higher.


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