Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Being a little bit Irish, myself, and being named originally for ‘Kerry County’, Ireland, I always hope that a little of the luck o’ the Irish is in me. My typical luck is definitely the kind of ‘Irish style’ luck such as, ‘oops, I stepped in something yucky: lucky part Irish me, I wasn’t wearing my best shoes!’ I oft remind myself that a positive attitude can shine a silver lining on most clouds. Irish luck can make lucky Irish shamrocks out of simple three-leafed clover growing like weeds in your grass, whether it be geener or not. Beyond my freckles and lily white skin, being upbeat is ‘being part Irish’ to me. I try to embrace that positivity and look for Irish luck in everything. I’m not saying I’m good at being positive, because I’m often naturally not, but my lucky Irish roots remind me to try to believe in ‘the luck of the Irish’ I come from.

I wanted to post some thoughts for Saint Paddy’s Day, and the first ideas that popped into my little part Irish brain in my big part Irish head, were to give some big complements to my favorite ‘made in Ireland’ products. Besides Idahoan potatoes, which may or may not be part Irish, but are definitely among my favorite ‘Irish style’ foods (I love potatoes almost any way you can slice, dice, boil, mash, bake or fry them – as long as there is some salt, oil and/or butter in the mix), a few Irish wonders come to my part Irish mind. There are some fabulous imported from Ireland Irish aged cheddar cheeses that I have brought home on occasion. Mmm… maybe I need to try Irish cheddar cheese melted on Irish-ish potatoes. That sounds lucky and tasty all at once.

Made in Ireland Waterford Crystal looks temptingly beautiful, but I have never splurged on any of that as yet. Can you believe it? I do currently have my eye on a more affordable made in Ireland Tipperary Crystal candle holder, though. I may fall for it later this Saint Patrick’s Day. You just never know what this lucky Irish day might do to me as the day goes on. Something Irish in me always wants to get something Irish on Paddy’s Day.

Crafted in Ireland Belleek is the ivory colored shiny fine Parian china, with green shamrocks hand-painted on, and has been a selective collectible for me for a number of years. I particularly love the teapots and mugs, and occasional vases, and I adore my ‘castle’ and ‘cottage’ series collections. Lately I have especially jumped for the ‘Everyday Belleek’ items, which are microwaveable and dishwasher-able as well. We have a very large window ledge over my kitchen sink, and that is where my Belleek is on display, going very nicely with ivory walls and emerald green accents throughout the room. Every day, it is all a reminder of the lucky Irish Emerald Isle from which some of my ancestors stem.

Aran Craft offers a wonderful wool with a multiplicity of wondrous stitches in various richly vibrant colors knitted in Ireland. I have amassed scarves, throws and sweaters. The scarves have been ideal and lovely little lucky Irish Christmas gifts, especially in green and red. Now why haven’t I given the ivory white scarves yet? Ah, perhaps that will be next year. But, shhh, don’t tell my family members. One lucky upside to the red scarves is that they are also ideal for Valentine’s Day (or the month of February), and then the Irish lucky side to the green scarves is that they are perfect for any chilly night surrounding Saint Patrick’s Day (or the month of March).

Now, where are my Irish-Idahoan potatoes and imported from Ireland Irish cheese?!


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