A couple of decades ago I realized that I was oftentimes more focused on my family’s needs (or just wants) over remembering to be thankful for everything that we already had. I decided to try from then on to regularly take a little time to recognize our blessings. One day I thought to apply the ‘count to ten’ adage relative to anger, to yearnings. I decided that whenever I was thinking about what I didn’t have that I wanted or thought I needed, I would try to remember to stop and count ten blessings that I did have. I found that this effort really helped me to feel better about what I had versus what I didn’t have.

So, while I think about my Christmas and New Year wishes, I’m going to count to my Thanksgiving TEN:

I’m very thankful for the turkey (1), stuffing (2), mashed potatoes(3), gravy (4), cranberry sauce (5), Yorkshire Pudding (6), corn (7), black olives (8), Pumpkin Pie (9) and especially every darling angel in my immediate family (10)!

I wish y’all many thanks for happy family foods and much loving fun!


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