How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I was going to write this earlier, you know, like when summer was just over and school was back in, but, I jumped back into my eighth novel instead. It’s high time to finish that story up. I’d left it alone at least all summer long. I’m on the home stretch with my solid draft now (and digging into the incurably romantic ending) so I thought I would take a few moments to post something a little different here. What’s new. I’m a little different.

For my summer vacation, I did my super granny best to give my grandsons a grand summer vacation. No, we didn’t go to Disneyland. Instead, my super grand lads delighted in a super soaker water fight in the back yard almost every late afternoon with at least one uncle and one aunt, not to mention the large fluffy dog leaping and licking constant interference. No, we didn’t go to a dude ranch. We went to our favorite Victorian replica Carousel several times, though. No, we didn’t go river rafting. The jolly grand lads rolled down our large back hill in The Princess Bride ‘as you wish’ (Wesley true love) style many times. I spent a great deal of time sitting on the cool grass at the top of the hill on those hot dog days of summer, laughing at all the shenanigans.

Yes, I spent my summer vacation at home. I slept in late as often as lively little lads will let an old lady. I took moonlit walks late at starry night once the little fellows were finally fast asleep and looking like perfect little angels instead of the wiry rascals that they truly are as well. I shared ice cream and cookies with my little loving lads, and while I felt sleepy after those carbs, they were hyper wired with more energy than I ever remember being able to tap into. There’s got to be some way to harness that boundless energy. The energy of young kids could make millions if we could bottle it for old women like me to partake of. But, I digress a little.

I didn’t go to Hawaii for my vacation, but I imagined the ocean as I sat in the sun with my eyes closed. I pictured the surf and could almost feel the salty spray as my grandsons splashed me with water, whether running by and accidentally getting me wet peripherally or simply straight shooting at an unarmed old granny with their massive water guns. Beyond taking them out to one movie, we watched many movies at home together. I couldn’t believe how much popcorn a couple of little dudes could down in no time at all.

They say that a change is as good as a rest. Well, spending my summer vacation wrangling little buckeroos was certainly good loving fun, but, it wasn’t a rest by any means. The wee fellas were raring to go every minute of the day and into the night, and my exhaustion echoed just the opposite. And so, as I try to finish writing my eighth novel, I’m calling this my after-summer vacation. Here I sit at my computer, tickety typing at my keyboard, a cup of something at my side. This is rest and relaxation. The other, my summer, was work! But, heavenly joy. Nothing quite like grand boys.


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