Two Happy Pigs (Ink Sketch)

Once upon a time and long ago, far away, a friend of mine was completely enthralled by pigs. So, with her encompassing love for pigs in mind, I decided to do this sketch (I seem to recall that she adored her copy). I understand that pigs are intelligent and can make fine pets for some people, but I’ve always been especially a horse, dog and cat person. I enjoyed the ‘Charlotte’s Web’ story from the first time I heard it, but ultimately related more to the spider, though I haven’t come to love spiders any more for it. No, I’m not a spider or a pig person, but I liked enhancing the smiles that I thought I saw on the pigs faces way back when. I can find spiders fascinating while not wishing to hug them. I can appreciate that some people love their pigs, but not wish to have and hold any hogs of my own. Still, these two look pretty cuddly.


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