The Spirit of Lady Liberty Painting

The Spirit of Lady Liberty Painting

A while after 911 happened, and the spirit of freedom and American patriotism was abounding, I did this quite large ‘essence of’ Lady Liberty painting. I know it’s not an exactingly true likeness of that originally French gal in New York. I never intended it to be. Because she always seemed a deal too manly to me, I actually wanted a slightly more feminine version, though she still appears strong and determined. I keep meaning to do another version. I’ve got some other ideas in my head. I was offered a tidy sum for this one early on, but declined the offer, leaving this symbol of freedom to hang in our entryway for the time being then, and she is still there now. I like to be reminded of the inherent liberty of each individual, and this lady does that in our house on a daily basis. She stands high near the ceiling at the second story level to greet you when you enter our first story front door. She gets noticed regularly. Lately I’ve thought that she represents the free spirits, and the spirit of freedom, that prevail in our home.

(Acrylic on Canvas)


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