Super Puppy Aikido Redirection Child Training

By the time my second baby was almost a twinkle in my eye, because we were shopping for just the right puppy for our eldest, I read a book called ‘Super Puppy’ to help us find just the right puppy (I can’t recall who wrote that particular book – about 27 years ago, and it may or may not still be in print), but I ended up learning some good tips regarding training puppies and dogs.

In fact, the puppy training ideas seemed a good fit for raising children as well. The main thing I remember about ‘Super Puppy’ good puppy training was to redirect bad puppy behavior towards more appropriate or acceptable behavior. An example would be if the puppy starts chewing on your shoe, give it a toy of its own that it can chew on instead. I used that method in training puppies, kittens and children over the years. It works like a charm. I highly recommend it.

Years later, when my kids were older, I learned something from my eldest’s Aikido class: the martial art of redirection. When something bad is coming at you (a fist, a foot, etc.), redirect that energy around you and put the attacker off balance. Ah ha! Super puppy training all over again, only just a slightly different interpretation and techniques. It was definitely cosmic or something. Anyway, my thought at this late at night moment is this, ‘redirect negative energy towards something positive’ and direct negatoids away from my creative dojo, or keep non-kindred spirits out of my temple (family home).


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