Coming Soon!

Here’s the beautiful Brina Williamson cover for my latest novel, a first of three.

Mrs. Lacey’s Finishing School

From the back of the book: A refined lady goes far west to save her broken relationship with her son, but after a little coaxing from a spinster sister, is hired by a brooding ranchman to save his daughters from their boyishness. Originally educated in England as a governess, prematurely widowed Anne Lacey has managed…

A Lady Goes West

A rugged Coloradan rancher and his sister hire the schoolmistress of an elite girls’ school back east, as governess to his daughters in the hopes of taming them into more ladylike behavior and attire.

The Spinster Aunt

A frilly dress just may give a still young filly new hopes for her life.

The Eldest Sister

Her inward loveliness shines all the brighter in a first new gown.

The Second Sister

The town and territory men will never see the Knight Ranch womenfolk the same again.

The Middle Sister

All in church are agog at the new fancy look of each Knight young lady.

A Younger Sister

With more than one dress, she never knows what to wear nowadays.