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Fall for Cozy Christie Mystery Time

October 24, 2016

This time of year seems ripe for a cozy mystery, at least for me. I first discovered Agatha Christie in the fall, when I was rooming with a friend. She had a bookshelf full of Christie novels and short story collections, and being from England, was very proud of her acclaimed country-woman.

After she told me to freely help myself to her obsession, I spent most every leisure moment reading those books, going through the entire bookshelf collection in about a month. Every Poirot, every Marple, everything. Yes, there were some late nights, when I read into the night. What avid reader doesn’t? You want to get to ‘the end’ and more especially ‘the reveal’.

Not quite twenty then, I soon dove into a crazy-busy life, and generally forgot about those books; but then rediscovered Agatha Christie several decades later, when my youngest daughter’s interest began to sway that cozy mystery way. It seems to me it was in the fall, again; and thereafter, numerous Christie paperbacks found their way into stockings and gifts for Christmas.

Now, every autumn, I instinctively get out the Agatha Christie movies and series adaptations at night to enjoy with hot cocoa and scones, biscuits, cookies or English muffins. It warms me up as the weather cools. Our new thing in recent years, are the audio-books read by David Suchet, Joan Hickson and other such stars in the cozy mystery world. Hands-free Christie pleasures whilst resting, doing chores or exercising, is one of the simple things to look forward to in life. It’s funny how murder can seem so charming. But no, it’s Christie’s characters that I thoroughly enjoy.

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