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No Tricks, Just Treats.

November 1, 2015

The kiddies and costumes were cute again this year. Many darling princesses and cute little pirates came to our door last night. Every witch or zombie seemed an adorable version. One standout was a perfect little female cop. Then there was a beautiful blond family playing out their night as lovely Native Americans. One memorable girl was a creative jellyfish, or at least her large twinkling hat was, and the sparkling streamers were as long as she was tall for her age.

Yes, we should have gotten pics, but the trick-or-treaters were hurrying on their ‘get candy, get candy’ hunt and we were too busy holding the cauldron full of treats for each to reach into, and looking at all the creative outfits. Many seemed pretty obviously custom sewn up, likely by their moms.

A surprising favorite was Nonni’s Biscotti, even amongst the tiniest tots, oft holding up their treasure treat, marveling at its newness. Many asked what it was and our common answer was simply ‘dip it in milk or hot chocolate’. Because we had plenty on hand, it was a last minute addition to round out the other Chocolate and Rice Krispie Treats, but its interesting popularity means we’ll be adding more of those next year.

They chose for themselves and only a few took two or more without permission first. When told they could take more than one, some said things like ‘you’re awesome!’, which is always nice to hear – and makes the sharing well worth it. Polite and gracious as most were, reminded us that their parents are doing a great job and the rising generation is wonderful.

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