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Pets, Kids and Grands

February 12, 2014

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, I loved my horses, dogs and cats. For years, I adored my pets, from home in the city to summer times on the farm. Yes, I loved my parents, siblings, aunts, cousins and friends too, but, there was a special love I felt for the animals I considered my pets. They were my friends. They were my children. And one of my dogs was also my mother. She was a very motherly dog, and that was really something since my mother was gone a ton by the time I rescued that amazing Sheltie from the shelter.

The love I felt for my pet friends and ‘children’ was a protective love. Much like the protective love I felt for my younger siblings, in particular. At that point in my life, I couldn’t imagine loving anyone or anything more than my favorite animal buddies. And then I grew up. Just after my favorite dog and cat had recently had their last little litters of puppies and kitties, I became a mother too. Now I knew what Mother Grizzly Love was made of. Now I knew what unconditional protective nurturing motherly love really was.

Yes, I had known boyfriend love, and I came to know love for my husband, but parental love, mothering love, for me at least, was beyond explanation powerful. It’s the kind of divine or angelic love that you would live or die for. Give everything up for. No, not for the love that you get, but the love that you give. It’s the kind of ultimately supreme humane sense where you feel entirely responsible to provide for and protect that vulnerable human being in any way possible. It was a formidable love born, even before and then all the more, in an instant when my first child awoke into this world, and then it was born again, again and again when my other children were born. And that caring love didn’t diminish as my kids got old enough to rebel against me or go their own ways. No, because that mothering love was and still is so supremely unconditional. There is no other love quite like it. No matter what, I love, love, love my kids. There is nothing that will change that motherly love that was born in me for my kids.

And then came the grands. The next generation. There was another surprise. I had previously thought there would be a sort of disconnection of a kind. But no, as each of my grandkiddies has been born, I have found that I feel very much the same for them. I want to protect, nurture, love, provide what I can and simply be there for each of them. No, I don’t want to step on their parents’ toes to do it. I don’t want to be interfering. I hold myself back from that. But, I want to be all the grandma that I can to them. I want to build a legacy for them to grow from. I want to make memories with them. I want them each to know that they are loved, absolutely unconditionally, and that I am a place they can always come home to. I want them to know, like my own children, that they are everything to me and that their hearts are always safe with mine.

Back to my pets. I really do love our Spoodle dog. And I still love and miss other pets I’ve loved that have gone on to pet Heaven where they frolic and fly until we meet again. But you see, now I know like I couldn’t possibly comprehend in my youth, the different kinds and levels of love. There is a distinct distinction between my love for my pets, and my love for my kids and grands. And my hubby will tell you as fast as anyone else might guess, he knows my love for him is conditional. He has to behave himself to keep my love alive for him. And so he does, as do I for him.

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