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Counting Blessings & Sheep

January 28, 2014

Is there an upside to taking a bad fall and breaking your arm & wrist badly (besides vowing to be far more careful in the future)? The Irish in me said, ‘Thank the Heavens it wasn’t far worse! (It could have been my right hand, a leg, hip or…)!’

Is there an upside to going to a ‘cheap’ urgent care after hours clinic instead of calling ‘emergency’ on your family doc? The Scottish in me said, ‘It’ll be cheaper’ but it wasn’t, and when I finally got to our trusted doc, he wisely sent me to a top hand/wrist surgeon, who thankfully set me straight without surgery. The Irish in me said, ‘Thank the Heavens I probably won’t need surgery!’

Is there an upside to pain? Beyond the availability of painkillers that you don’t react badly to, and in spite of my old thought: ‘Pain is proof of life’, pain can put a few things into perspective. True family and friends are so very important in this transient life on a dangerous planet. Plus, any way to sleep a little through the pain is glorious. I almost wish I could sleep away most of at least the next many weeks.

In the meantime, grooming fastidiousness goes a bit out the window when a lady needs so much help from her gentleman. And a sense of humor becomes a must throughout the entire affair. Having to ask for help is humbling in its way, but, receiving needed help given lovingly creates deep gratitude. My man has rarely seemed so heroic to me.

After this bad fall start to the new year a few weeks ago, I’m now counting my blessings as well as some sheep.

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