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Thanks and Giving

December 7, 2013

In the hubbub of the holidays, especially gratitude can get lost amid the stress and exhaustion, particularly for Moms and Grandmas. Throughout Thanksgiving, my mind isn’t always on being thankful for my own personal blessings, because my energy, time and thoughts are all wrapped up in early Christmas shopping, decorating, and then serving all the favorite foods to my family, immediate or extended. For me, Thanksgiving, like Christmas, has long been less about the thanks and far more about the giving of it. I make and serve food. I get gifts for giving. So much of the holiday season is about serving and giving for me. Oftentimes I have to remind myself to be thankful too.

After Thanksgiving, I’m generally in high gear to get everything done for Christmas, before I catch a flu or pneumonia. In fact, for various reasons of my own, there are many years that I’ve tried to get everything done before Thanksgiving. That early effort at least gives me a head start on most things. Still, Christmas Eve usually arrives with me never quite ready enough for it. Thus every year I seem to simplify plans more to try towards getting to everything, and then every new year I determine to make my list smaller for the next holiday season. As I get older, the list gets shorter as I get slower, perhaps. But, it’s the spirit of giving that I hold most dear to.

This year, I’m automatically feeling a bunch more in the gratitude department. A brand new granddaughter has done all that. How many years have I glanced at all the pink frilly things as I shop for little boy blue stuff? Yes, I adore my grandsons, and I really would have been just as thrilled and thankful if our first granddaughter had been another grandson. But, you see, I actually got to buy some little pinkish things. That’s been a sort of pink cherry on top of the creme de la creme  sundae of grandbabyness. Add to the fact that we now have a granddaughter along with our grandsons, those grandsons got to come stay extendedly ‘at Grandpa and Granma Williamson’s house’ so their Dad and Mom could try to get a little more sleep on their ‘new baby not-much-sleep’ schedule. Beyond having to do more homework with my grandsons than we typically do together during the summers, I got to do some more requisite spoiling, and enjoyed some movie, popcorn, laughing and hugging times. Magical.

And now Christmas is fast coming around the corner. Being that I’m feeling very grateful in the growing family department, and I’ve realized I need to put more emphasis on gratitude throughout the giving of thanks season, I thought I’d try to put more thanks into the season of giving this year. How will I do it? I’m really not sure, but I’m going to give it a thankful try. I might start with pondering twelve top things to be thankful for, coinciding with the twelve days of Christmas.

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