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Family, Food, Fun and Freedom!

July 4, 2013

Getting together for favorites with loved ones on a day of celebration seems vital. It’s more about family than the food for me, but serving up goodies to those whom I love has always been one joy unto itself. Of those I am missing, they are in mind and heart ‘until we meet again’.

Life, liberty and happiness pursuits can’t but come to mind today in America. July Fourth is a day to celebrate individual independence as well as a nation especially forged for those personal freedoms. I grew up under the Union Jack, then the Maple Leaf, but I was born of and now live under the Stars and Stripes, so I do like the idea of hoisting my three flags, united together, all personally meaning faith, hope and freedoms to me.

With old woman worries underway, I prefer to leave the fireworks to the professionals, but there’s always firebug friends and family who can’t resist fire-cracking, sparkling and shooting stars. There’s where my prayers for all their safety comes in. Some of us mom’s and grannies can be a nervous wreck by the end of a ‘black powder’ night!

Please have a very safe and happy one!

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