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Making Rather Merry

January 2, 2013

I thought I should write a little something for the new year. A Happy New Years kind of thing. I had some ideas. I jotted down a few things. Yes, I could have written about resolutions. Haven’t we all? Well, we all at least have plenty of yearly resolutions, don’t we? This round, I have a ‘New Years Resolutions’ list as long as my arm. This year’s list is even as long as my very tall husband’s much longer arm. But that list might be boring to write about, let alone read. I think. Besides, I don’t want to confess all ‘weakness’ publicly. Anyway, instead of writing something for New Years, I found more fun things to do this past week. I chose to spend my time otherwise. I was celebrating in my way. Making rather merry, you could say.

Yes, and now it’s time to pay the piper. No, I’m not in trouble with anyone for not writing something for New Years Eve or Day. Not at all. Not even with myself. No, I’m thinking about all the merrymaking. The ‘eat, drink and be merry’ stuff. The chocolates. The bubbly. The sweets and carbs. The treats. I’m talking about the calories. The dreaded evil calories. What is the number one New Year’s Resolution? Probably ‘diet and exercise’, right? Something like that. My hubby was talking ‘new treadmills’ once more. Sigh. Not that again.

So, it’s the time to say no to naughty treats. Time to stop lounging around. Is this what they call ‘happiness letdown’? Well, at least I can look forward to the next ‘making merry’ moments. The next weekend is very, very close. Have you heard of the weekday diet? It’s practically only dieting half the time. You save any diet diverging temptation for Friday night through Sunday night. Yes, I believe in the weekday diet (eat and live healthily on weekdays, and only enjoy treats and slack off on weekends). Yes, I do believe that weekends are made for making merry. Happy New Year and Merry almost Weekend to  y’all!

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