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Knee-high Blizzardy Eve of Christmas

December 24, 2012

My, my, but I am tired this night. I nigh forgot to mention the reason for my procrastination parable post earlier and beneath. I myself was quite guilty of procrastination as I had procrastinated writing up something for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day. I had been up to my eyebrows in wrapping gifts, sending packages, taking treats to neighbors and a multiplicity of Christmas season etceteras. I had some unwordy ideas. I had some stuff sketched in – jotted down – but nothing solid. Nothing worth sharing as yet. I hadn’t decided to exactly write a post anyway. I’m no blogger. I’m just a wife mother grandmother writer artist who occasionally posts a little something on this site. This is my online ‘presence’: my place that I sometimes let my readers get to know a little more about me and a few things I think or like. But, I digress at least slightly, I think, as per usual.

At some point earlier in the day today, somebody said, ‘Did you look outside?!’ So, I looked outside. All the pertinent blinds or curtains in my periphery vision were closed so I hadn’t looked outside yet. And when I did, YIKES! Snow, snoW, snOW, sNOW, SNOW!!! It was a bloomin’ blizzard out there! And you couldn’t see past, well, practically past the kitchen balcony deck railing yards beyond me peeking out the window. A white crystalline mysterious misty fog of more snow a’comin’ surrounded our town! We surely were in the midst of a blasted gargantuan Christmas Eve snowstorm! WOWzah!

Hunkered down for the holiday with a fireplace and candles nearby, suddenly I thought, with all warranted compassion, ‘I pity anyone doing last minute shopping around here today!’ and then I began to remember something from my childhood… and thus I decided to write the Parable of The Christmas Eve Procrastinator. Now, how do I segue to something seasonally sweeter? I’m too tired to try. And thus, I will simply jump to another sub-topic…

We just finished up a lovely late Christmas Eve dinner, and I will throw together another little feast tomorrow for Christmas Day. I’m sugar plum tuckered out and stuffin’ stuffed. For now, for us, it’s off to watch Alastair Sim as Scrooge: always a must before the night is out. Christmas Eve just isn’t Christmas Eve to me without the definitive Scrooge in attendance at our house. Sigh. Memories. Delights. Joys!

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas Day to one and all!

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