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February is for Romantics

February 2, 2011

Because of Valentine’s Day living in the middle of February, I like to think of this month as the one for romance. I love to watch all my favorite Austen, Bronte, Gaskell and similar classically vintage style romance movies and miniseries. I love to read the novels they were based on. It helps make this month special instead of ‘waiting for spring’.

Yes, some people tend to get depressed at this time of year, with winter still hanging on, and the possibility of the chill hanging on far too long for comfort (whether or not the groundhog saw his shadow). Spring can seem far away right about now, and so warming up a yummy favorite drink and pouring it into a beautiful cup with a lovely companion saucer; and then to get comfy for a deliciously romantic story seems just about right to me. Movies, books, audio-books: it’s all good… wonderfully good.

Going to places like Hawaii sounds nice, warm, romantic and restful; but I’m typically a cheaper date for my hubby than that. I generally let him off pretty easy. I’m pretty content to be a happy homebody. My imagination can go back to Hawaii any time. No matter how practical I can surely be, I’m an incurable romantic and I embrace that lovebirds theme throughout this month at least. February is Jane Austen month at my place, for starters. Then comes Bronte, Gaskell, and so forth.

Besides the ‘classic romantic’ playtime I allow myself a little each night, I’m working on finishing up the final details of my eighth romantically inclined novel. It’s a little bit mystery with a romantic backdrop. A little bit different from my former fare. ‘The Musician’ is about to come out. Stay tuned for the romantic cover my youngest daughter created for it. And I can’t wait to share a hint of the story before the story is available…

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