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On Fall Back

November 15, 2010

Being a night hawk as well as an insomniac by nature, I always look forward to ‘Fall Back’ so that I will suddenly and painlessly be getting up an hour earlier. By the same token, but on the other hand, I dread ‘Spring Forward’ when I must force myself onto an earlier schedule which results in a sort of minor jet lag. This round of gaining an hour while I sleep, or at least trying to catch some sleep, I was thinking that in a more perfect world, we would only fall back and never spring forward. Indeed, I would love to fall back more often. I know that early birds would think me nutty and highly disagree (because they likely like any excuse to get up earlier), but, night owls and nighthawks who are forever trying to get to bed and get up earlier to no avail will know of what I feel.

Back to ‘Fall Back’ and ‘Spring Forward’: why do we gain our hour later into the fall now and lose it again earlier in the spring? All for energy savings? I don’t buy it. I don’t believe in springing forward either. I vote for fall back every few months…


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