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Autumn Colors of Amber

November 3, 2010

There is popular seasonal dressing and even decorating, and then I say that there is seasonal jewelry. Being a bit of a jewelry buff, and specifically a ring and earrings person, I like to bring out especially my rings as each season dictates to my own imagination. The colors of amber seem perfect for fall, not to mention the fact that amber originally comes from the sap of trees. From the classic cognac amber color, to the green, honey, lemon, cream and cherry colors, they all seem just the right thing for autumn dressing up as colorful leaves are falling down. Not to say that I tend to dress up, but, I am inclined to feel far less dressed without at least a few rings and my earrings.

One thing I love about amber is that you can wear some pretty huge pieces without weighing yourself down, because amber is such a lightweight gemstone. Once upon a time, I hunted for just the right cognac amber ring and earrings, but, like potato chips, there is an addictive factor there, particularly because of all the other colors of amber, and it wasn’t all too long before I owned quite an array of amber. And thus, each autumn, I bring out all my amber pieces and wear them with delight for the duration of the season that ushers forth Thanksgiving.

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