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Ten Years to Overnight Success

June 14, 2010

There are plenty of examples that have shown that an overnight success takes at least, or perhaps an average of, about ten years to accomplish. Investments in home businesses, varied arts efforts, and other entrepreneurial ventures (even becoming a professional in differing fields) take about ten years for the payoff to begin. Many successful actors, musicians, writers, artists and the like, have spent a good ten years working hard before their lucky ship comes in and they ‘suddenly’ find success in their chosen profession.

Schooling towards a professional payoff takes a good ten years at least. Other less trodden paths are likely going to be likewise. Don’t expect your success to begin in less than ten years of focused working at your chosen work. And, if your art is especially cutting edge, you will have to break barriers to break out.

Don’t quit your day job. Moonlight your passion. Write, sing, play or paint at night or whenever you can make that ‘spare’ time. Work at your art for at least ten years before you begin to consider giving up your passion for your craft. Learn along the way. Learn from that which doth not work towards your success. No success as yet, is not a failure, it is part of the learning path and learning curves along the way. Fewer than few will succeed the first time, so expect not to succeed at first. Keep on plugging. Keep at your craft. Write, paint or practice your art for the joy of it. The monetary success will more than likely come down the road, if you stay at it long enough. Count on at least ten years of hard work and investment before you begin to wonder why you haven’t found your overnight success.

There are no guarantees that your art will pay all the bills and more someday, but you are guaranteed not to find your success if you don’t plan to put in ten years at it and then follow your plan with a passion. The plan might change as you learn, but don’t quit before you do your ten years of honest work on your personal passion towards your overnight success.

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