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Bonnets and Aprons

May 4, 2010

My first two novels were actually originally written as one larger two-part novel: ‘Bonnets and Aprons’. For various reasons, the final decision was made to publish the two smaller parts of the one story into two novels, the second being the first sequel of the first novel, and with plans for possible further sequels later on. Both my first and second novels fall under the original title banner: ‘Bonnets and Aprons’, volume one being ‘Fionna’ and volume two being ‘Mrs. Rutherford’. So that ‘Mrs. Rutherford’ could stand on her own for any who might stumble into that second installment without having read the first, I did a little rewriting to make it a novel unto itself if need be, with little back-story and character mentions when I thought or felt necessary. was begun at that beginning, even before that first novel came out. But, the time has come (or likely overdue), to redirect searchers from that site to this, and onto a sort of Bonnets and Aprons page (category) where some of the old B&A archives are now placed. Any new news about B&A sequels or other relative information will be written specifically for that category.

Many of my readers have asked me if Fionna’s story will continue or if any further sequels will offer more regarding her family and friends any time soon. I do have some sequels sketched in. I have had numerous plans for quite some time. These other little side stories quietly percolate at the back of my writing stove, waiting for their turn to jump forward onto front burners. For now, other unrelated stories are more pressing in my mind, and so they take precedence.

So, for my ardent fans of Fionna and her two stories thus far, (which kept breaking: I was having trouble accessing it for quite some time) has been redirected here to a category within my little namesake web spot on purpose (you have not been wrongly hijacked!). Finally, I wish a warm ‘Welcome’ to searchers and ‘friends of Fionna’ who have been out in the cyber cold for far too long.

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