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A Seattle Day

April 22, 2010

It’s a glorious Seattle day here today and I’m thanking my lucky stars for it. It’s been comfortably cool and cloudy with mostly constant gentle pitter patter raining. The grass looks greener every time I look out at it. What an entirely nice respite from recent unseasonable snow and cold, and the lingering deadness of winter. I was ready for spring to spring. I was hoping to wake up out of the too lengthy winter’s nap. I’m generally a ‘rainy day people’, and a grey drizzly day like today makes me miss Seattle more than anything, except for beloved family there whom I wish were near since I can’t be there. In fact, rainy Seattle days reminds me of my loved ones still living there.

I often regret that I had to move away from the greenness of the Emerald City. I loved the rain, even though it seemed endless at times. I adored all the greenery. The ocean, mountains and tall trees were fabulous too. At least we have our grand mountains nearby here. I didn’t mind the grey skies of Seattle. I did mind the mold, rust, giant slugs and fleas though. At least a dry climate like here doesn’t tend to have those evils, though we have our droughts and allergens, and too much hot bright sun for me. I guess there are pros and cons to everywhere. But, on a misty day like today, I’m reminded of how much I miss Seattle, even as I am glad to be reminded of its beauty.

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