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True to the Muse

March 16, 2010

Is there really such a thing as a muse? What or who is your muse? All I can say in answer to my own question from my own perspective is that there is a special ‘something’ that can inspire and guide you in writing. I know that when I write, particularly fiction, there is a kind of muse guide with me. Is it something spiritual? Perhaps. Is it an angelic being? I’m not sure about that. Is it something within me? Could be. Am I channeling Jane Austen, one of the Bronte sisters or Elizabeth Gaskell? I could only wish for such, but, not bloody likely. A wink and a smile.

I can’t really explain and I don’t really understand ‘the muse’ but I do believe in the sense of it as I write. I don’t do anything like worship or even really imagine ‘the muse’ over my shoulder, but I do respect the ‘inner voice’ or ‘outer inspirations’ that come to me. The muse seems to keep it real. If I follow the muse and stay true to my muse, I seem to stay on track. If I chose to ‘argue’ with the muse, I would surely write something contrived. I don’t think I would like the results of writing against the muse. Yes, I guide my own writing, but I do follow my ‘muse gut’ or instinct so to speak. I would never choose a formula over my muse. So, as a novelist faithful to my muse, my advice to other fictional writers would be, ‘don’t write formulaic pulp, and stay true to your muse.’

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