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Veggie Cookery too…

March 9, 2010

My tofu focus cookbook, ‘The Taming of Tofu’, came out long ago, but I suppose I should make a mention about my veggie cookery past. ‘They’ tell me that I put ‘taming tofu’ into the lexicon of our language round here. Another veggie cookbook with bean and lentil recipes (that I began putting together when we were living in the Seattle area), isn’t quite done and has waited patiently while life has taken my attentions elsewhere. Can you believe, my second veggie cookbook has been on the shelf for about a dozen years waiting for me to do final recipe testing and to finally finish it up? Wow, I feel like a failure.

Oh, woe is me. I just haven’t felt like cooking that much, particularly the measurement checking and writing it down stuff. To be fair to myself, I’ve been busy with life, including a couple of moves and etcetera. Each move takes more time and energy it seems, and a couple of years out of my life per packing and unpacking! Oh, I know, I did write seven novels. That is something, right? And, man oh man, I’ve been down with insomnia real bad for years, not to mention a bunch of other fun stuff. But, the real and truly fun stuff has been all the time raising my kids to adulthood, playing with grandchildren and even doggies too – those are the kinds of distractions that make it easy to forget about writing books.

Back to the veggie stuff. I’ve been a bit of a health nut for a few decades and somewhere in the middle of those many years, I tried varied levels of vegetarianisms. I even tried the all-out veganism for a while. It’s really all about health, to me. I’m just trying to find full health through eating better. I’ve never been a big meat-eater so I guess I was born a little that way.

I do admit though, there were times in my childhood when I didn’t want to eat beef because I was friends with at least one cute little cow (and was horrified to find out where the big truck was going to take the poor things), didn’t want to eat chicken because I saw my grandpa kill one for supper (and my sister and I had to pluck it’s feathers first), and I didn’t want to eat pork because I had the bad luck of visiting a huge Quonset full of squealing and aggressive (I seem to recall that they were stinky) pigs that were crammed into crates in that big steel building (that happened to be on a Hudderite colony farm). I always thought that protein (like chicken, fish and such as steak) should simply grow on trees. Now, wouldn’t that be nice? And oh, so convenient and clean.

I suppose my pregnancies gradually turned me off of most meats and many animal proteins as the thought of cooking any of it made me feel quite sick. I very slowly got over all of that queasiness, but it did take me years. And so, while I was living mostly meatless, I tried my hands at tasty dishes with beans and lentils, which included tofu for a goodly while. Lately, I’ve been moving more to the lentils and some other than soy beans again, but that doesn’t mean some fish, turkey and chicken need not fear my coming near. And, oh, how can I make a delicious cup of hot chocolate without milk? I tried all the other milks (the soy and nut milks) and after all, the cow’s moo is meow best and creamiest. Don’t take my hot chocolate milk away from me.

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