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A little about home schooling…

March 6, 2010

I thought I should mention home schooling here occasionally, since I wrote a couple of books on that subject years ago. After mulling over the matter from time to time for about six years, I chose to home school my kids (and twisted my husband’s arm to go along with my plans). One of the many reasons I tried out that ‘road less travelled’ path was to give my children as much creative freedom as I believed possible for as long as the experiment seemed to be working. I didn’t want them to be public school or peer pressured into conforming to any arbitrary or average mold either. I wanted them to be entirely free to find and be themselves.

Now that my youngest is a twenty-something, I’m off the hook as a home schooling mom. Though I initially planned to only home school my kids for a few years, perhaps until they were each about twelve to give them a goodly start with at least minds of their own and plenty of time for creative play; we ended up going all the way through until they were done and ready for college. And even now, with those of our children who are still residing in this Williamson family home, the place is still a hub of creative buzz and self-directed learning. We still have pajama school going on at all hours of the day and even night, as ‘original thought’ and imaginations are tossed round and about between a few or all of us at once. I call it a ‘writers in residence’ and that it surely is, not to mention an art hut or eccentric haven.

I guess I always was a dreamer, and though all my exacting dreams have not come true, many wonderful surprises have spontaneously appeared in reality before my eyes. My grown up kids are not exactly what I imagined that they would be, but they are each talented and with abilities at least equal to any of my hopes, and they are who they choose to be and are at liberty to make themselves further along the way. Has this grand experiment of the creative home school worked? Indeed, I should say that it has.


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