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A Merry Snowy Post

February 25, 2010

It seemed like softly quiet Christmas Eve late last night as the snow fell, and fell, leaving a lovely sparkling white and thick blanket of snow all over creation here. And so, on this February 25th, I can imagine another Christmas Day, and, being that the Christmas season is by far my favorite, I like to find any excuse to lengthen it. Thanks to the Heavens for dropping snow upon our house. It coordinates well with some of the Christmas lights that I have left up still. I call them party lights. And then, there is the moderately sized seasonal tree in the front sitting room, ready for any decoration that fits any season along the way.

I should get back to novel the eighth for she awaits, but I am currently allowing myself to be distracted by everything else. Certainly, today I am as much as avoiding a particular female who wishes her story to be told as soon as may be accomplished. Though, I’ve been meaning to write a sort of mission statement for my writing, or a kind of proclamation to my readers, sharing my goals in writing. Let me start with something at least. Of course, I like to stay true to the spirit of my muse, whatever or wherever she may be. When a story idea sparks, I like to get in the canoe and follow the river wherever it wants to go, though taking care not to get caught up in anything like dangerous rapids. I’ve got a paddle, after all. I can guide the canoe to a degree, but I don’t wish to fight the river. I’m always curious to see what is around every bend of the river. I want to see where the story wants to unfold to, and what the characters are trying to tell me about themselves. Even in dialogue, as I write it, I never know who is going to say what next. I can guide the story as a whole without imposing anything contrived. At least I hope this is so.

As I write, I like to hold fast to noble and things of a better. I prefer heroes and heroines that I can look up to, or who would have been a good example to me anywhere along in the stages of my life thus far. Yes, a main character can be human and flawed. Of course they will make mistakes. But, all in all, I wish to write key characters who are striving to climb upwards on the mountain of life, and not content to slide down to who knows where towards gutters and pits of depravity. My main characters are family, friends and neighbors I would like to have, and some a little inspired by those I know. There are the challenges and questions of their lives that they will face, and then, there are the villains. Oh, yes, the villains. Not usually murderers and thieves, but only mostly the sort of persons that you and I run into all too often. Gossips and snipes, greedy types, usurpers and flirts and all the works.

Ah well, no mission statement or proclamation promise quite today. Let me think on that a while longer. But, for now, please do feel free to take a little peek at my author’s page on Amazon:

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