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Fionna, chapter 21

July 3, 2006

Comments on Fionna, chapter 21

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  1. Joan permalink
    July 3, 2006 10:17 pm

    It’s very true that we love and cherish that which we sacrifice for. Fionna has such love and patience for her family because she has always sacrificed for them. As always, fabulous chapter 🙂

  2. Mari permalink
    July 4, 2006 8:03 am

    It’s interesting… I have often reflected on the role of “the one that holds the family together”. I’ve noticed it in many families. Though the love may be strong on all sides, it seems that there is often one person (who seems to love them all, unconditionally, perhaps…or the one with great wisdom) who becomes “the gathering ground”, “the place to come home to”, “the heart of the home”… without whom all may very well feel lost… without whom all would surely be devastated. She is often the dear mother… but he may also be the oldest living great, great grandfather, or she may be the loving great grandmother… or the aunt that has always, no matter what, has been there to listen to all. What a huge, love filled, responsibility that person has. What a comfort they are to our spirits when we feel, at times, as though we cannot get anything right, or life seems devoid of meaning or security. How deeply needed they are in all our families. Sometimes there is more than one… perhaps distributed across the generations, perhaps they are distant… But, whether near or far, they are a very real blessing. They are essential; “the heartbeat of the family”. Oh, how we need them.

  3. Barb permalink
    July 4, 2006 11:51 pm

    I enjoy each chapter and I can hardly wait for the next one. Barb.

  4. Kerri permalink
    July 5, 2006 4:52 pm

    Dear Wonderful Reader,
    Your insightful feedback (in the form of comments so bravely shared for all to see here, many more personal emails to me, and also direct communications of those I actually know in person) has been pure delight, greatly uplifting and an inspiration. Your many astute thoughts seem to surely prove your goodness, virtues and benevolence. Many thanks again and again to each of you for your generous encouragements.

    As you may be interested, please note that comments continue to be added to chapters from past weeks as new readers come on board (or as some readers catch up after getting behind because of their understandably busy lives). Please feel free to add comments to past chapters at any time. I have relished every wise and wonderful observation.

    Especially to each of you who has lamented the torture of waiting week to week for each chapter, we are pleased to announce that we have a signed contract with a publisher and ‘Fionna’ will be available in book form in approximately two months.
    Cheers and best wishes to all our faithful readers ‘round the world!

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